Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Reasons to Hire Pringle Property Services to Install Your Atlanta Landscaping

Landscape Maintenance
In spring, February-May, we will cut back anything that needs to be reduced in size, thin plants as needed, perform corrective pruning, cut back perennial tops, inspect and treat for disease and insects if necessary, spray any existing weeds and apply a preventative weed treatment.

In summer, late July-August, we evaluate how the plants have grown out since the spring trimming. We generally shape plants back up to the size that we had them in the spring. We perform corrective pruning to the new growth, inspect again for disease and insects and treat if needed, spray any existing weeds, and reapply preventative weed treatment. Many of our residential customers choose to do the summer trim themselves after they have us do it the first year.
Most landscapes need re-mulched about every other year. We can provide this service as well as re-edging the landscape beds, which can be done in the spring or summer. 

We also do winter tree trimming. Proper tree pruning is probably the most misunderstood landscape maintenance practice. Because trees can get quite large and are capable of living hundreds of years, a person who doesn't know what they’re doing can cause serious permanent damage. For this reason, we offer corrective pruning services on small trees (under 20 feet).

Affordable lawn and plant care taking:
*Basic services of (0 -1/4 acre) properties:

Grass seed spreading on front and back yard= $50
*Lawn mowing and edging of front and backyard = $50
*Leaf racking/blowing of front and backyard =$50
  Bush trimming = $20
  Bush Removal = $5 each small 3 square foot / $10 each Medium 3-5 square foot (5 bush minimum)
  Tree & removal = $20 each ten foot in length plus $20 each foot in circumference (3 tree minimum)
  Tree limb trimming = Small - $5 each. Medium - $10. Large - $20 (5 tree minimum)
  Plant, bush & tree planting = (on site quote required) land survey, estimating time, supplies and labor.

Landscaping reconstruction and design = Pricing will be determined by customer preference, layout samples can be provided.
Samples Include: Planting, structure placements, walkways, fencing, etc.

10 Reasons to Hire Us to Install Your Landscaping
1) When we say that I am going to do something, we do it.
2) Our love for the business shines through in every landscape we install.
3) We take care of My equipment and invest in new technology.
4) We constantly look for ways to improve.
5) If we make a mistake, I admit it and do what it takes to make it right.
6) We have an established reputation in the community and take personal interest in helping our community look good.
7) we designs and installations professional.
8) Communication is critical! I do my best to keep clients up to date on the progress and details of their projects and welcome any questions that they have.
9) We am very affordable and reliable.
10) We am trustworthy, honest, hardworking and have my clients best interest at heart.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us or call (770) 875-2254

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